Ebru is more than just an art. Ebru is dance of colors on the water. It is also a hummorous poem, a soft melody...

It takes you to another world where you can relax and leave all the stress of daily races onto the water... Ebru is a dancing figure, just like it's pronunciation: EBRU! No art in the world gets along well with its name.The simplicity of water, festivity of color, emotions of human beings, perfection of nature and uniqueness of God come together in art of ebru.

The final result is art of ebru takes a new meaning when taken in hand with the process of creation. 

Ebru is a way of expression which never loses its mysticism beginning from the moment of idea come into mind to the appearance of ebru on paper. 


It is also used as a rehabilitation for physicological issues, treatment for 

hyperactive children, relaxation of elderlies e.t.c. 

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    Daniela Sicari (Friday, 26 July 2013 00:58)

    Humeyra Mavruk's artwork is so beautiful! She is very talented, and her art will accent any home or office perfectly. Her work is filled with love and care and you can really see that she pours her heart and soul into the art. I reccomend her work to anyone who is looking to add a touch of beauty to thier space!

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    Angelica Roca (Sunday, 28 July 2013 10:55)

    Ebru is a magical art. Ms. Mavruk thank you for this information. Once I start doing Ebru, I don't even realize how fast the time passes.

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    meryem (Monday, 29 July 2013 10:00)

    kutlarım çok güzel, renkleri ışığa dönüştürmüşsünüz görsel ve ruhsal olarak hafızada güzel izler bırakıyor başarınızın devamını dilerim

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    Will Carlson (Monday, 29 July 2013 22:07)

    Hello Ms Mavruk. I saw hour art show in Long Beach last Saturday. I've never been more impressed by such skills before. You're very talented and colors dance on the water. Please share the next show date. Thank you.

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